“Douglas…thank you for sharing your Cross Country poems with me.  I got the book in the mail and look forward to savoring the words.  I recall reading a few in the past, in particular “Hush Puppy.”  Congrats on getting these out into the world.  Hope to finish my novel shortly and doing a return visit with you in Stockton.  Warmly, Angie Chau”

(Angie Chau is the award-winning author of the short story collection, Quiet as They Come.  She lives and writes in San Francisco.)


“Hi Doug!  I was cleaning out my gmail tonight and came upon an email to your Pacific address I never sent.  Oops!  It was about your lovely poems.  They were waiting for me when I got back to New York after going away last summer, and I really enjoyed them.  Shades of Robert Hass meets the Blue Ridge Mountains.  With a trace of Hwy 99, plus—your favorite—Wallace Stevens, to boot.  Thank you so much for sending them. …Anyway, I hate to use Facebook as a medium for messages but just wanted to make sure I sent these wishes before they slipped through the cracks again.  Best, Suzanne”

(Suzanne Rindell is the acclaimed author of The Other Typist, a novel published in 2013 with Penquin Books, Ltd.)


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